Reverse poculiform snowdrops and roman legionnaires

Thu, 21 Feb 2013 06:37:09 PST
Dear All,
I am hoping that the erudite people who are on this forum can help me with a problem.
Would any one know the name of a roman legionaires "skirt"?
And what does infundibuliforme mean? Any link between the two?
 I ask because in galanthophiles language an all white snowdrop with the inner segments ressembling the outers a flower is called Poculiform.
A Poculus was a sort of fluted wine cup. And one of these upturned flowers does look a bit like that.
I am not keen on the term "reverse poculiform" for flowers that have their outer segments imitating the inner true petals as in 'Trym' and all its numerous progeny.
I am more reminded when looking at this kind of mutation of the leather strips of a roman legionaires 'skirt'...
Can any one help please?
Kind regards,
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