Shade tolerant amaryllids
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To Alberto:  Is Eucharis self-fertile? 


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Eucharises are gorgeous. Foliage is very attractive and evergreen. I have seen fantastic clumps in pots indoors by the fireplace. Touchy watering wise. One must give them regular waterings (better with warmish tepid water), regular meaning  about the same amount, too much at a time will make the foliage go yellow and die. It is a tropical bulb from the Amazonian Andes. In late summer by withdrawing water almost completely (for about a month) mature bulbs will produce the lovely flowers. During this process foliage must not dry off (remember it is evergreen). You can obtain two consecutive flowerings during the warm season with this procedure. 

Pamianthe is another amaryllid of the same origin with app. the same requirements although it will thrive in a more open orchid fibre mix, being an epiphytic plant in its original habitat. 

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