Trading weeds-Oxalis
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 14:56:28 PST

 I've always loved oxalis, except for corniculata, of course.  The South African ones are my favorites, and they are easy to grow if kept cool and given enough light.  A cool greenhouse in my climate would be ideal, but they are doing quite well this year in the unheated garage in our new house.  They get some sun from southwest facing windows (two rows) in the 2 garage doors, but they are also under lights on carts.  A max min thermometer reveals nighttime temps are around the mid to high 40s and daytime gets to low 50s this time of year, but if night temps drop into the mid teens or lower I will open the adjacent basement door to let in more heat.  Right now O obtusa, O sp Anenouspas (looks like a huge pink obtusa) and a few others are in bloom. Cape bulbs and geophytic pelargoniums also like the garage better than in the old house where they did not get so cold, Lapeirousia oreogana has been in bloom for a while and I see one flower stalk appearing on my 3 seedlings of Gla
 diolus aureus.  Hope it will be self fertile.  I do see one pod on Walleria gracilis, which I had thought was not self fertile based on growing it in warmer conditions. 
Ernie DeMarie
New York USA





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