Snowdrops in the IRG

Sun, 03 Feb 2013 08:04:33 PST
IRG 37 - January 2013

This issue heralds the Snowdrop Season with news from Valentin Wijnen, who has also provided the cover picture.
Valentin will be familiar to many "Galanthophiles" from his talks at Galanthus events in several countries as
 well as his contributions to the VRV ( ) 
and SRGC Forum pages where Snowdrop threads are immensely popular!  

Taking us 'out and about' to the Swedish region of Abisko is Susann Nilsson who 
shows the natural habitat of many fine plants that are treasured by many of us in our gardens. 

The Editorial Team send their grateful thanks to all those who have been in contact to say they enjoy 
this form of magazine. Such comments are most welcome and are an inspiration to us to continue in this
 work. Most important in this process, of course, are our contributors, without whom none of this is possible.

 We take this chance to thank all those who have contributed in the past and encourage everyone to submit articles or ideas for the future. 
To submit an article, please make contact in the first instance to   

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The IRG Team 

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