Odp: Re: Oxalis adenophylla

Jacek ZwoliƄski ajzw@wp.pl
Tue, 26 Feb 2013 14:04:23 PST
According to my (little) knowledge, Oxalis adenophylla is perfectly hardy in cold winter climates and does not need lifting for frost protection. What may harm it is winter moisture with temperature above freezing. It prefares stable cold instead of freeze-thaw cycle. May rot if the winter is wet and not cold enough. Possibly this is the stem of the idea of lifting it for winter in The Netherlands - they do not have stable cold there.

This plant seems to be prone to rot also in summer in warm and wet weather. In my zone 6 garden it gets through winter well, but I loose some plants every summer. In my climate it des not resprout in autumn.

I someone would cross this oxalis (and others) with our native Oxalis acetosella to create plants really good for our climate.


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