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Jacek Zwoliński ajzw@wp.pl
Tue, 26 Feb 2013 20:47:05 PST

Yes, I do live in Poland. Our summers are not humid and not really hot either. Despite that some my Oxalis adenophylla are lost almost every summer due to rot. My soil is probably infected by some organisms causing rot, possibly Phytophtora related and I experience "waves" of diffrent plant loss in summer. Yet, many plants are clearly resistant, like crocuses, galanthus and many others. This oxalis is prone to the infection, whatever the cause is. On the contrary I can confirm frost resistance 
of this plant - last year it easily survived -30 C for 2 weeks without snow cover.

When I read about nice but weedy oxalis in your gardens - I think I would like to have possibility to grow some of them. But I can't due to winters. And not only winters - oxalis depressa is hardy here, but does not flower well probably due to shortage of heat. I grow oxalis acetosella brought from the nearby forest. It is somewhat weedy in the shady spots, but I perfectly accept this kind of nice weeds. Unfortunately it is in flower for a very short time in the spring. I would like to see 
hybrids that would retain all the positive (to me) features of O. acetosella and obtain long flowering period. O. acetosella has a feature of cleistogamy. If it was reverted, flowering period would probably expand significantly.

By the way, snow is melting in my garden right now and the tips of "snowmelters" are alredy seen on the surface of the snow. Melting snow reveales snowdrops in advanced buds and even some crocus buds - they were growing slowly under the snow cover.


Dnia Wtorek, 26 Lutego 2013 23:31 Jim McKenney <jamesamckenney@verizon.net> napisał(a) 
> Jacek, where do you live? Somewhere in Poland? 
> Jim McKenney
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