Rachel Saunders
Mon, 18 Feb 2013 00:29:46 PST
Dear Andrew
I always knew that Lapeirousia seeds needed to be aged for a year, but I did 
not realise that almost all our bulb seed needed it.  We harvest all our 
seed of SW Cape bulbous species in the months of September - December. This 
means that if you purchase them and sow them in your autumn, they are at 
most a month old. And obviously this is too fresh. In nature the seeds do 
lie in the heat for about 6 months before the cool weather of our autumn 
sets in, and then I do think that a cold minimum temperature is important. 
But obviously one needs heat first followed by cold. The reason I think 
that, is we sow all our seeds in March or April, and many of them only 
germinate in July when it is cold enough.
 I am extremely interested in your results, and pleased that the seeds 
finally germinated.

Rachel Saunders
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