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steven hart
Wed, 06 Feb 2013 17:10:53 PST
Here is a story that will make some oxalis growers in warm climates

I recently went exploring in New South Wales, I often watch road sides &
grassy spoon drains for escaped bulbs & I find quite a lot of different
species this way, not many that I would have in my garden but now & then I
find something really special...

I had started between Albery & Mount Beauty Victoria & on a foot path I saw
two types of Oxalis flowering, I don't know witch ones, but one had an egg
cupped size bluish mauve colour & the other an even larger yellow flower..
Large four leaf clover leaves & very pretty.... So I dug a couple very
excited with my find.... They were large ornamental species, not considered
invasive & not like the little purple one which is on our noxious weeds
list & is irresponsibly passed to gardeners through nursery men
who struggle to control it once established... I know this pain because for
12 years I struggled with removing it from a nursery environment & removed
enough to make a pile to the moon... Through undying virulence, the help of
Ronstar granules, intense spray programs & removal of all contaminated
potting mixes, & sterilization of incoming mix, we eventually eradicated it
completely over a 6 year period..

As I drove North I saw large yellow oxalis dotted along the road side....
Just one now & then, they didn't look like they were a problem, I arrived
in a town before Narrabri from memory & in the middle of town there was a
little patch of the same yellows in a small garden & they had spread out
onto the foot path, just up the road a few more & then more & as I drove
out of town they were scattered along the road side but not that
many....soon after conditions improved for them, along the faster highway
& the exposed road sides allowed trucks & cars to slip stream the seeds &
for the next 100km or more there were thousands & thousands of them
spreading along the highway like a giant yellow river... some had spread
into the crops & some into the bush, but it was easy to see this is an
environmental catastrophe in its early stages.....

So the ones I collected went into the fire that night with out any
hesitation, but with a little disappointment :-(
Steven : )
Esk Queensland Australia
Summer Zone 5  Winter Zone 10

On 7 February 2013 03:32, James Waddick <> wrote:

> Dear PBSers,
>         I expect abuse about this topic.
>         I had avoided growing ANY Oxalis, because of my local weeds and
> especially the greenhouse pot weed with pink flowers 9 A sorrel) that comes
> up every where, forms bulbs deep in the pot and are a devil to pull out.
> Best   Jim W.
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