Gastil marygastil@yahoo.com
Sun, 06 Jan 2013 14:13:43 PST
Mark Mazer wrote: "this stuff (Tebuconazole) is very difficult to obtain." Hi Mark,
I had trouble buying Captan here in California but was able to order it online at ePestSolutions. I see they have Tebuconazole. 
I have only ordered from them the one time. They shipped quickly with no problems. 


I have no experience with fungicides. I purchased the Captan with intent to use it to prevent mildew during germination in closed dishes. (No fungal problem in the open-to-air sown seed, only when enclosed in a dish.) But the Captan container says not to use it on seeds. I read in a PBS discussion that some do use Captan on seeds so if you have a protocol for that I would be grateful, especially what concentration to mix. I got the dry powder.

Thank you,
In Santa Barbara, California, where we have rain and rainbows today, and tiny bulb seed sprouts.

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