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Matt Mattus
Tue, 22 Jan 2013 04:18:27 PST
Well Said.

I personally would like to see photos, but not sure that a Facebook Group is
the answer - the reason is notifications. With my other Facebook Groups ( I
only belong to 3), if Panayoti posts, I get a message, if Hinkley posts, I
get a message, when the Onion Guy comments " Nice pic" I get an email.
I don't need more emails, and if I choose to not get notifications, I would
probably forget to check the Group for images.

There is no easy answer! Maybe a Pinterest page - jbut ust for PBS members?
But again, it would need an administrator as I believe a group cannot post.
Once again, we are back to the Wiki.

We still should have a Facebook group, and we should post to it, especially
images, but I would doubt that many would want to get constant notifications
in their email box. Set an egg timer, and visit it once daily.

Matt Mattus
Zone 6
Worcester Ma,

On 1/21/13 10:19 PM, "Eugene Zielinski" <> wrote:

> I'm glad Matt brought up the difference between a Facebook Page and a
> Facebook Group.  A page is your own personal megaphone.  Only you can post
> a message on your page and only your approved friends can respond to it.
> (So, only the owner of the PBS page can post on it.) ed can
> post
>> a photo to it...
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