Richard Doutt and lapeirousia enigmata

James Waddick
Wed, 23 Jan 2013 14:38:48 PST
Dear All, 
	Thanks for this info. Jim Duggan sent me a pic of his L. enigmata and it is quite distinct. I've asked Jim if I can post the pic on line and share it. Until then.

	The flowers are white, but there seem to be no dots or stripes typical of other Lapeirousia or any pictured on the wiki. The purple stamens are also unique. 

	A quick look at the wiki Freesia page and nothing stands out there either.   Stay tuned. 		Again thanks all. 

>> From his catalog --  Lapeirousia enigmata: Five inches. Flowers are cream
> with distinct purple markings.
> Jim Duggan Nursery, 1998 --  Lapeirousia enigmata: 5-7 inches, white flowers
> having red lines in the throat and purple stamens.
> (Note that Mr. Doutt sold Anomatheca (now Freesia) laxa as well, so it's not
> that one.)

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