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Fri, 07 Jun 2013 22:10:58 PDT
Yes, you're probably right.There is somes significient change from usual  
Chen-Yi plant list.The official website is usualy up-dated before she send an 
 e.mail.The old plant list is still online on her website.
So, if it is a fake ,It is not very reassuring ...but in China  "Fake 
product" is a national sport!

I would add  that when I dealt with Chen Yi some years ago, she never
required advance  payment. I would take this as a red flag.

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On  Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 2:38 PM, Johannes-Ulrich Urban  <> wrote:

>  Hello,
> Watch out, that "Chen-Yi-List" ist most probably a fake  list and NOT
> from Chen-Yi. I received that kind of list a few weeks  ago. It included
> some plants I had potential interest in. I  corresponded with "Chen-Yi"
> but unfortunately the correspondence  stopped abruptly when I asked
> "Chen-Yi" how I would know it was really  her and not somebody else.
> Check the terms of business, there  was a very high minimum order,
> advance payment through Western Union  which would leave you without any
> security, check the spelling of the  e-mail adress of the sender and just
> think about the fact that almost  all the plants on the list are in full
> growth now. The real Chen Yi  was sending her plants in November to
> March.
> AND the  e-mail adress of Chen Yi no longer exists, there is an automatic
> reply  in Chinese but still saying in English:  "User reject"  I got  that
> automatic reply when I tried to contact Chen Yi to find out if  the list
> was really hers. A chinese e-mail friend confirmed  this.
> All that together made me conclude that I did well not  to "order" from
> "Chen-Yi"
> Uli
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