Ornithogalum lithopsoides

jeff succulent40000@gmail.com
Thu, 06 Jun 2013 01:14:28 PDT
Hello everybody
O. Lithopsoides Was described by Ernst Van Jaarsvels from " hills east of
Oudtshoorn" on dry stony south façing slopes of conglomerate hills.
Two populations are currently known.
Réf: V.Jaarsv, E.J 2009
A new succulent Ornithogalum species ( Hyacinthaceae) from semi arid
regions in the southern western Cape.
In Aloe 46 (1) : 20-21
I grow this rather easy bulb since few years in my unheated greenhouse. It
is a winter grower in South western France where i live, but the major
developpment occur at early spring. At this time i give more water and some
fertilizer. The substrate is use is 100% mineral , PH slightly acidic, but
not so fast draining. ( Zéolithe basis and coarse granitic sand ) . In such
conditions the leaves reach 30 mm maximum and the blooming period occur
during mai , and lasts 3 weeks.
A nice little bulb, that multiplicate easily , but need a lot of light.
If i found the way to PBS i could post some pics; but anyone can look at
Flick and search my Galery
Jeff South Western France

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