New crocuses described

Youngs Aberdeen
Wed, 26 Jun 2013 07:49:52 PDT
In the SRGC Forum
particularly in the extensive Crocus section
we are fortunate to have Janis Rucksans share with us his thoughts
on many plants as well as tales of his many travels to research
crocus in the wild.This means we are able to see and discuss
many "new" species as they are found and learn a great deal about their 
individual features.
For instance, Janis first showed us the plant now named as C. macedonicus
in the forum as C. pallasii.
(I remind PBSers that the SRGC Forum is open to all -one need not be 
registered to read it.)
As you might imagine, the subject of taxonomy can create spirited debate!
SRGC member Ibrahim Sozen, who often accompanies Janis in the field,
has a terrific website with details of all these crocus, plus a wide 
range of super photos
  - I commend it  to you -…


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