Calochortus notes

Fri, 28 Jun 2013 13:05:36 PDT
This is responding to an old subject but  the topic reappeared so I will add a thought. I work near Ring Mountain in Tiburon, and almost all the leaves of Calochortus tiburonensis show maroon streaking to some extent.  all are smooth, but I have never seen bluish leaves as you had been led to expect from the glaucous description.
I grow C obispoensis (archibald seed), and  tiburonensis, umbellatus, luteus and argillosus(sp?) all from wild collected. I live in Vallejo, warmer and maybe a little less wet than Berkeley. I grow my plants with close to no fertilizer so they are very slow but have no problems with winter losses. C obispoensis is easier than these others.  I think my C tiburonensis was planted in  fall 2007 and I thought they would bloom this year, but no.

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