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Karl Church
Tue, 11 Jun 2013 20:52:21 PDT
David, I too was at Ernesto's presentation & was impressed not only by him
but by the group as a whole. I have to thank Sue Haffner for inviting me.
It was nice to hear Ernesto recommend the PBS wiki & show some of South
Africa's remarkable bulb plants/flowers. I got the impression that many of
those present were bulb fans as well.
Karl Church
Dinuba, zone 9a
On Jun 11, 2013 6:31 PM, "David Ehrlich" <> wrote:

> I attended Ernesto Sandoval’s lecture on South African bulbs Thursday
> evening at
> the Fresno Cactus and Succulent Society.  They are very pleasant and
> knowledgeable people, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Having
> been a
> cactophile myself some decades ago, I may have gleaned more from the
> meeting
> than some bulbophiles.  Their bragging table was particularly impressive.
> Ernesto Sandoval is Director of the U.C. Davis Botanical Conservatory.  In
> his
> talk he pointed out some similarities between the culture of arid land
> succulents and dry land bulbs:  both typically grow in well drained
> nutrient
> poor soils, both rot if kept too moist, both have developed adaptations to
> lengthy dry periods, yet both require a moist environment for seed
> germination.
> He demonstrated a technique for seed germination which I really liked, and
> shall
> be trying out in the future.  He plants the seeds in a well-drained mix
> (like
> vermiculite, perlite, pumice, etc.), covers them with a thin layer of sand,
> waters them and lets them drain thoroughly, then encloses the pots in a
> zip-lock
> baggie.  When the seed germinate, he opens the zipper to allow air
> circulation.
> As they become sturdier, he removes them from the baggies; eventually he
> plants
> them out.  His modus is to not stress the plants with too much change at a
> time.  Sounds sensible to me.
> David Ehrlich
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