Alocasia hypnosa

Tony Avent
Wed, 26 Jun 2013 10:39:19 PDT

Alocasia hypnosa was very marginal here in Z7b in a mild winter, so I'd consider it at best a Zone 8a/8b plant.  It looks like new DNA will put it in a resurrected genus other than alocasia...see link below to the new phylogeny. It was fine in the same nursery potting soil that we used for everything sitting in water required.…

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Dear PBSer,
	I was lucky to get a tuber of Alocasia hypnosa (thanks Monica). It is growing well with a 2nd leaf just fully 'out'. I'd appreciate any experience growing this species in a cool climate where it does show full winter dormancy.

	Any experience wintering this in the ground in Zone 5 or 6 w/ mulching or other protection?

	Does it do better sitting in water?   Full sun or some shade?  Any other specifics of soil, ph , mix etc.

	Not much on the web yet about this relatively new species. 

	So far so good. 			Best   Jim W. 

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