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Sun, 09 Jun 2013 02:42:34 PDT
Could someone give me the advice where to find about the list of bulbs supplier which could issue EXDOC Phytosanitary certificate.

Because I have asked several bulb company which have the website, but they could not offer that.

I have also asked the  but they told me that there are no latest list of the company which could offer EXDOC.
Because it's dynamic.

(The phytosanitary certificate should be electronic while from Australia or New Zealand to Taiwan. 
Because of the Bilateral phytosanitary and sanitary Agreement between us. 
But not from Taiwan to Australia and New Zealand.)


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> I had the privilege to meet Chen-yi in 1999. In fact she put me up in her 
> unit in Beijing and took me to dinner.  Indeed business was done on a hand 
> shake.
> It must be remembered that the email that started this thread was about 
> fraud being perpetuated in her name.
> Before judgemental comments are made about the Chinese people we should look 
> at all the history, not just select bits and pieces. Think about the boxer 
> wars, about English attempts at colonization and the whole picture.
> I remember a long time ago, when our government still thought China was a 
> military threat, saying that I didn't think the threat was real as they 
> would buy us out before they went to war. Didn't need to be Nostradamus.
> Americans need to remember that China and its people are what have funded 
> "The American Dream".  They own you.  Let us not be too judgemental.
> Any way, back to Chen-yi.  She comes from a Botanical family. Her father 
> (had the priviledge to meet him as well), a Chinese Professor who has 
> written beautiful books on Chinese orchids.
> Yes, her plants were wild collected back then, and probably still are. Her 
> husband did the collecting. I visited the facility they despatched from. 
> They didn't have the facilities to grow them on.
> It is very easy to be critical of their operation BUT they are getting plant 
> material out to collectors - to us.  By the way our laws in Australia do not 
> enable us to bring them in.
> What I lament is that we now have international laws, about money, that stop 
> Botanical gardens from distributing material that originated overseas.
> These types of laws are what are causing Chen-yi's business model to work.
> Rather than criticising what she does it would be better to find a way to 
> help her operate in a more acceptable way.
> Greg Ruckert
> Nairne,
> South Australia
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