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Sat, 22 Jun 2013 06:24:03 PDT

This is slightly off topic.  When I check the links in my e-mail to PBS, 
I find that links are inserted in my blog and web site. e.g. 'shade 
cloth' is highlighted and links you to entities selling shade cloth.  
There are similar links in my web site.  How does this happen?  I am 
appalled that my blog and web site are being used in this manner.  How 
to stop it?

> More Hippeastrum postings on the blog.  A reader asked about light
> requirements, and I have made a comment on that.  I do not at all think
> that I am expert in these matters, and other people will find success
> with different methods, I can only say what has been successful for me,
> and I did have a lot of failures in the beginning.  I had hoped for more
> comments about other peoples' experiences, but I guess Hippeastrum
> growers are a silent lot.
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