chen yi nursery

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Sun, 09 Jun 2013 02:43:00 PDT
Dear All,

I am sorry that my reply to the question of a fellow member causes such
a stir.  There was a realistic chance that the e-mail I received a
couple of weeks ago was a fake and not from Chen-Yi. Criminal activity
is present all over the world and it was NOT my intention to blame
anything on Chinese people. I have dealt a few times with Chinese e-mail
friends (and in the pre-e-mail ages with letter-friends) and this was
always done in a very generous, honest and more than correct way. I have
also dealt with Chen-Yi Nursery many years ago when her presence was new
and that also was handled by her in a VERY correct way. The fake e-mail
is not from her.

The PBS forum is also a place to warn fellow members which I did in this
case, at least this was my intention. Should I have offended anybody
unwillingly by my message I do apologize.


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