chen-yi nursery

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Fri, 07 Jun 2013 14:38:00 PDT

Watch out, that "Chen-Yi-List" ist most probably a fake list and NOT
from Chen-Yi. I received that kind of list a few weeks ago. It included
some plants I had potential interest in. I corresponded with "Chen-Yi"
but unfortunately the correspondence stopped abruptly when I asked
"Chen-Yi" how I would know it was really her and not somebody else.

Check the terms of business, there was a very high minimum order,
advance payment through Western Union which would leave you without any
security, check the spelling of the e-mail adress of the sender and just
think about the fact that almost all the plants on the list are in full
growth now. The real Chen Yi was sending her plants in November to

AND the e-mail adress of Chen Yi no longer exists, there is an automatic
reply in Chinese but still saying in English:  "User reject"  I got that
automatic reply when I tried to contact Chen Yi to find out if the list
was really hers. A chinese e-mail friend confirmed this.

All that together made me conclude that I did well not to "order" from 


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