Germinating Leontochir (=Bomaria) ovallei

Lee Poulsen
Mon, 10 Jun 2013 17:16:59 PDT
Thanks, Diana and Martin.

I didn't know that Alstroemeria is also in that group of species whose seeds apparently have a germination inhibitor that needs washing off or removal of some kind. I haven't really dealt with that type of species much. (Isn't Cyclamen another genus with this issue?) I haven't tried Chilean Alstroemeria species yet. But I have grown a number of Brazilian Alstroemeria species and they've all germinated for me without any kind of washing or other inhibitor removal necessary. Some have taken quite a while to germinate, but eventually did. I've also tried a number of different Bomarea species and most of them also germinate (eventually!) without any special treatment (other than patience). Even the Chilean Bomarea salsilla, if sown in the autumn like other mediterranean species, readily germinate in large numbers. It was just Leontochir that has proven a complete failure so far.

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USA - USDA Zone 10a
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On Jun 8, 2013, at 11:58 PM, Martin Grantham wrote:

> Diana and Lee,
> When first producing Leontochir seed, I got very low germination rates. I asked around and got a tip that the seed (very sticky (oily?) at harvest) benefits from washing with a surfactant before sowing - apparently Alstroemeria growers use this treatment. I began washing the seed with soapy water before sowing and greatly increased the germination rate. 
> Martin

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