Albuca 'Augrabies Hills' revisited

Wed, 26 Jun 2013 11:28:40 PDT

Willowmore and Dysselsdorp are not too far apart but are far removed from
Augrabies Hills in the Richtersveld by distance and climate. The evergreen
habit of all these similar plants indicates much more generous rainfall
than occurs in the Richtersveld.

I'm not aware of any original statements about the origin of the Augrabies
Hills plant other than from Chuck Hanson, who explained that it indeed
refers to the classic rock prominence that is home to various other
exciting tylecodons, mesembs, etc. ("Augrabies" in its various spellings is
applied to other locales, too). I think the Augrabies Hills designation for
this material was and is erroneous though it cannot be ruled out entirely.

Even if it is provisional, A. polyphylla seems a good name for this entity.


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