AOL users and the list (useful for others)

David Pilling
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 06:22:14 PDT

There has been a spell of AOL subscribers not getting postings from the 
list. Seemingly the situation is back to normal and everyone on AOL is 
now getting postings.

Thanks to our host ibiblio, AOL and a number of PBS list AOL subscribers 
who have helped.

If you're an AOL subscriber and postings from the list stop again, 
please let me know by personal email. The same applies to other service 

There's no need to irritate 700+ people by posting a "test message", 
PBS list postings are visible here:

so you can see if you're getting all the postings.

If you don't want postings from the list, let me know. Adding the PBS 
list to your providers spam filter may impact those who do wish to get 

 From my experience trying to sort this out, it is apparent that email is 
far from reliable these days, companies like AOL have put such strong 
filters in place to protect their users that legitimate email is often 

Further discussion of this matter on the list is declared Off Topic 8-)

<more advanced>

You can see your PBS list bounce score, by going to:

entering your subscribed email address and proceeding. However only 
changes in bounce score matter - if it is 2 one day and 3 the next 
you're bouncing. If it remains the same, you're not. If you have never 
bounced there will be no mention of bouncing on the page.

David Pilling

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