Germinating Leontochir (=Bomaria) ovallei

Martin Grantham
Sat, 08 Jun 2013 23:58:26 PDT
Diana and Lee,
When first producing Leontochir seed, I got very low germination rates. I asked around and got a tip that the seed (very sticky (oily?) at harvest) benefits from washing with a surfactant before sowing - apparently Alstroemeria growers use this treatment. I began washing the seed with soapy water before sowing and greatly increased the germination rate. 

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Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 09:49:29 -0700
From: Diana Chapman <>
Subject: Re: [pbs] re germination of seeds
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Yes, of course.  I put them in damp vermiculite in a plastic bag in the 
refrigerator for about six weeks, then put the bag in my office at room 
temperature.  I saw sign of germination after a week or two, and I 
planted them in a mix of pumice and some finely ground peat (not very 
much peat) and put them in my cool greenhouse, which is on the north 
side of my barn so it never gets much direct sun.  Tiny leaves started 
emerging in another two weeks.  So far I have very few seedlings. Could 
be just luck.  I think when you purchase seed you might be getting seed 
that is old and non-viable, or seed that has been improperly stored, so 
luck plays a big part in it.

> Diana,
> Are you willing to share how you germinated the Leontochir? I've tried more than the requisite 3 times, but still have hopes of succeeding eventually?
> --Lee Poulsen
> Pasadena, California, USA - USDA Zone 10a
> Latitude 34?N, Altitude 1150 ft/350 m
> On Jun 8, 2013, at 8:09 AM, Diana Chapman wrote:
>> I recently posted something on my blog about using smoke/fire to
>> germinate seeds from Australia, if anyone is interested:
>> I have posted before on germinating seeds in damp vermiculite in plastic
>> bags.  It can be seen by clicking on the topic 'Seeds' on the right hand
>> side.  I use this method for any seeds that need cold stratification,
>> and also some that don't need cold temperatures to germinate.  Seeds
>> from South Africa usually don't do well with this method, and need a
>> diurnal swing of at least 10-15 degrees F to germinate.
>> My latest triumph??  I have some tiny seedlings of Leontochir ovallei.
>> I am thrilled.
>> Diana
>> Telos Rare Bulbs
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