germination of seeds

Jane McGary
Sat, 08 Jun 2013 08:34:59 PDT
Roland wrote
> >
> > It seems Leontochir ovallei hate replanting
> > so be careful

This is also true of many western Alstroemeria species (Leontochir is 
considered by some botanists to belong in that genus). If you have 
room it's safest to plant one seed per pot, then set the young plants 
in their new position in the soil ball without disturbance. I haven't 
ever germinated Leontochir, but the way it grows in nature suggests 
that it has a wide-ranging root system similar to the larger 
Alstroemerias. Even little Alstroemeria species hate replanting: I 
lost all my A. patagonica during my recent move, even though I 
brought them over in their mesh basket and tried not to disturb them 
when replanting.

In contrast, I had no trouble replanting A. isabellana from Brazil, 
and A. psittacina (A. pulchella), another easterner, is routinely 
sold and replanted as nursery stock.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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