Diana Chapman rarebulbs@suddenlink.net
Thu, 20 Jun 2013 12:16:11 PDT
I love this species too.  this year two bulbs in the same pot bloomed 
together, with about ten or twelve flowers in all.  However, all kinds 
of crises developed in the week or so they were in bloom (not bulb 
related) and I missed getting a picture.  I was SO sorry, they have 
never looked so good.  I should say here about this species that it took 
a long time to mature and bloom.  I got the bulbs as small seedling 
bulbs, and I waited nine years for them to bloom.  It has such a long 
dormancy (like H. argentinum)..  Do other people grow this in their 
gardens?  Where?

> I love seeing H. parodii in other peoples gardens.  It's my favorite
> Hippeastrum species.  And it's the pride & joy of my Hippy collection.  I'm
> growing the one called "Germa" and it proved itself quite cold hardy
> surviving all winter bone dry in an unheated room attached to the back of
> my house.  It sent up 2 bloom stalks this season and the first one just
> started to bloom yesterday.  I love this Hippeastrum!
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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