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David Pilling
Wed, 05 Jun 2013 04:31:50 PDT

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> What's up?  I haven't received any posts in 5 days.  Is AOL acting up again?

Yes AOL is acting up again...

AOL has been rejecting "bouncing" postings from the PBS list for some 
weeks now, the problem comes and goes, at the end of last week it 
appeared things were working fine, then it started again.

I have chased the parties involved, AOL and the hosts of our list. After 
the problem returned, I had another go - they're working on it. Neither 
have much enthusiasm and I can't say I blame them.

My own experience is that I belong to several yahoo mail lists and so 
frequently and silently did my internet service provider reject all 
email from yahoo that I ended up sending yahoo mail to a Google gmail 
account which forwards to my usual email address.

There are frustrating features to this, for example the people who need 
to read this (AOL users) won't be able to, the fact that the problem 
comes and goes lets those who should fix it ignore it and I don't have 
the low level access that would let me sort it out myself.

I will send this email direct to all list AOL subscribers. I'm sorry for 
the problems. If you're on AOL feel free to complain to them.

You can see postings to the list at the archive:

and so work out if you're getting them or not.

David Pilling

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