Zephyranthes primulina hybrid

steven hart hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Sat, 23 Mar 2013 04:20:57 PDT
Hi Ina, its not so uncommon to get twin flowers in Zephs, i have seen
this quite often, over a few species, I have the same in Habranthus
Robustus, its just beautiful & reproduces its twin flower
regularly..... Although yours looks like a double, or really its more
a hose in hose petal formation than a true double i think,  It is much
more likely to be a twin flower, i say this because it seems to have
double the stamens & they are nicely exposed, so it would be my first
guess.... You can usually tell when you look at the base of the flower
if its a double or a twin, twins seem to be shaped like they have been
flattened out a bit, sometimes the flower stem will have a ridge up it
where the stems two sides meet, sometimes not, & doubles tend to be
much more uniform at the base, with a single stem.... Ive seen some
lovely pink doubles out of China but cant get my hands on them.... I
have no idea if they reproduce easily, but they are pretty & well
worth trying...
Maybe we should try to cross my Twin Habranthus with your Double /
Twin Zephyranthes, I wonder if that is even possible ???

Steven Esk QLD Australia

 if it is a true double it would be wonderful & would be fun to see if
you can breed different colours with it...

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