Zephyranthes primulina hybrid

Ina klazina@orcon.net.nz
Sun, 24 Mar 2013 11:37:42 PDT
Apricot? Oh, it sounds just lovely.  Dream on Steven.

I am actually suprised by how there are about 4 colour shadings in the 
Z. primulina hybrids, from white (back to the original Z. candida 
probably as that is what they look like) to a lovely cream, then there 
is the Z, primulina yellow and a darker yellow like the "double" of 
which there also are singles.


Ina Crossley
Auckland New Zealand  Zone 10

On 24/03/2013 11:50 p.m., steven hart wrote:
> I'll have a pale pink lemon thanks Ina.........

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