1 Week or 5 Months of bloom. Which would you prefer?

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 06 Mar 2013 10:18:37 PST

Dear PBSers,

	A while back Jim McK noted that his Iris unguicularis growing in a (heated?) cold frame in MD had a glorious display of flowers - a bouquet.  Here in Kansas City I grow the same species outdoors in the ground. Every few days when we have some warm days in a row a single flower or two will pop open and surprise us. Here the first flowers began the last week of November and yesterday after nearly 20 inches of snow have melted, it popped open another flower. It was been blooming one by one all this time, maybe once every week or two.  Never the show that Jim McK describes.

	Let me explain that in my climate between Nov and March there is almost nothing in bloom with temps hovering in the low teens and 20s to single digits F. In the last month we have seen some early spring appearances by crocus and snow drops. Often the ONLY thing blooming was a single rich purple I. unguicularis.

	So given this choice - one glorious bouquet - or 5 months- maybe more to come - of 1 or 2 flowers which would you take?

	I know my choice- trouble free, repeat bloom and color during the LONG winter. 		Just curious		All or once or spread out flowering?		Best Jim and hoping for a warm up now that the snow is gone.

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