Griffiths article

Gene Mirro
Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:08:36 PST
Maybe somebody can convert these scans to text.  Here are my notes to myself on how I did it:

“To scan a page and convert to text:  use Custom setting on scanner, with at least 300dpi.  Save as tif file.  Double-click on the file, which opens it automatically in Microsoft Office Document Imaging.  Right-click on image, and rotate to correct orientation.  Click on "Send Text to Word" icon.  Check text for errors.”

It worked great, except that it misread about 1% of the letters.  So I had to manually edit the Word file.  If you try this on the Griffiths book, it may take you several hours.  

The payback is vastly reduced file size.  Does anybody worry about file size anymore?  Small files are nice for emails.
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