I'm New to PBS...

Luis Mon lamon@cox.net
Thu, 28 Mar 2013 13:55:15 PDT
Hello all, I'm a new member to PBS.  I have always been interested in 
horticulture and botany. Unfortunately, I currently live in a condo 
(coastal California) so I have to do everything in pots.  I have 3 
questions to start off.

1.  Is it OK to ask horticultural questions about "non-bulbs"?

2.  I realize that potting soils should be tailored to each individual 
species.  I don't like using "pre-fertilized" mixes which are so 
prevalent these days.  I have a large bag of Kellogg's mix which is 
organic forest products (not too chunky) along with worm casings and 
guano. I also have a large bag of horticultural sand. Since most of my 
bulbs will be planted in the fall (due to where I live), I am 
concentrating on succulents and other plants right now.  I will have 
many bulb questions in the fall! What ratio of the above ingredients 
should I use for your average bulb in a pot?  Your average succulent?

3.  I bought this cool plant but I don't know what type it is(picture 
attached).  Anyone know?

Again, I apologize for the "non-bulb" questions and a big thank you in 

Sincerely, Luis M.

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