Convallaria majalis "Ms North's strain" [lily of the valley]

Joseph Meler
Tue, 26 Mar 2013 08:59:39 PDT
To All:

I am originally from out east (Michigan), where my mother had no trouble
growing a rather large bed of Convallaria majalis [lily of the valley].
However, after the family moved to Southern California, she has been unable
to successfully grow any.  I had assumed this was due to the absolute
requirement of a cold period, but recently I heard about a cultivar called
Miss (or Mrs) North's strain, which was reputed to do well out here.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate anyone who has any, or knows
of anyone who does.  I hope this cultivar has not been lost.  Does anyone
on this list have any information about this type of lily of the valley?  I
would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in advance.

Joseph Meler
Los Angeles, CA

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