Daffodil peak bloom date

M. Gastil-Buhl gastil.buhl@gmail.com
Wed, 06 Mar 2013 09:52:57 PST
Colleen is noticing her first daffodil bloom today in NE California  
whereas here in coastal southern California daffodils have been open  
awhile. In 2009 I started taking photos of one bed of ordinary all- 
yellow, large-trumpet daffodils in all seasons. There are two  
varieties in the bed, both from the local hardware store. The  
foreground ones are slightly smaller and slightly pale, and bloom  
slightly later. The back ones were sold as King Alfred. Elsewhere in  
my yard other varieties of daffodil are earlier and later than these.


It seems like these daffodils vary quite a bit in their bloom dates  
within February and March.
In the above set of photos I have only included the peak bloom shots.  
I also record leaf emergence, bud emergence, flowers fading, leaves  
turning yellow, and dry leaves each year. But those dont make for as  
pretty a photo subject. :)

Last Saturday I attended a California Phenology Project workshop to  
learn how to observe the timing of seasonal transitions of plants at  
our local botanic garden. Of the 30 species chosen to focus volunteer  
effort in monitoring, none are bulbs except a Trillium that does not  
grow in my area. There was a Sisyrinchium on the long-list that did  
not make it to the short list. Their volunteers are not as aware of  
bulb growth stages as people on this mail list.

- Gastil
Santa Barbara, California
maybe zone 9b or 10a. Officially 10a.

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