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Jim McKenney
Sun, 03 Mar 2013 18:53:09 PST
Rick and others, if you liked that, check these other Griffiths' titles out:

A Score of Easily Propagated Lilies, circular 23, March 1928. The lilies treated are Madonna lily, Nankeen lily, Easter lily, Regal lily, Umbellatum lily, Orange lily, Thunberg lily, Redstar lily (L. concolor), Tiger lily, Leopard lily, Lemon lily (few now would call this easily propagated), Huboldt lily, Turk's cap lily (L.superbum), Columbia lily, Canada lily,Coral lily, Martagon lily, Hanson lily, Henry lily and Speciosum lily.. 

The Madonna Lily, Department Bulletin 1331, May 1925: from this I learned that there was once a successful business growing Madonna lilies here in Maryland! 

The Regal Lily, Department Bulletin 1459, December 1926

Some Hybrid Martagon Lilies, Circular 299, December 1933. This treats not the European Lilium martagon and its hybrids but rather is an account of the development of what came to be known as the Bellingham Htybrid lilies.  Three ounces of seed purchased from Carl Purdy in 1919 yielded 3000 plants. From these three thousand plants, eleven were selected for propagation and introduction.  The circular includes  includes color plates of the inner tepals of ten of the hybrids  and a plate showing the full flower of an eleventh hybrid,  "Peter Puget' . 

The Production of the Easter Lily in Northern Cimates, Professional Paper, August 1921

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, probably about 10 miles north of David Griffiths' home in Washington, D.C. 

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