What's blooming and pollinating-moraea villosa

Robert Werra robertwerra@pacific.net
Wed, 27 Mar 2013 15:49:10 PDT
Regarding recent discussion of pollinating Moraeas there was a picture of moraea villosa. It just happens that moraea villosa is beginning to bloom in my inland northern Calif. raised bed. And they are fantastic.Sadly, I am a luddite at sending pictures so you must visualize. A deep copper petal with an iridescant green center. A lilac petal with an iridescant blue center. These are the aptly named peacock moraeas. M. villosa and the rest of the peacock moraeas are all fantastic. Regarding their pollination, there is also a simple unscientific way. It was shown to me by Jim Holmes, a five star plantsman in So. Africa. Just put the faces of the moraeas together and moosh them. I do it my beds and pots and it works. But with the peacocks you don't have to bother with seeds because they secretly multiply stoloniferously under ground. Each corm puts out 1-3 cormlets on a stolon. When I periodically empty a pot I have a cup of corms. Enjoy the moraeas.

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