Fertilizers for Nerine Was: Overwintering Nerine bowdenii

B Spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Thu, 28 Mar 2013 16:55:16 PDT
We have a TSC farm store and I will ask for potassium sulfate, but it would 
be in the granulated form, would it not?  Miracle Grow is all over the 
place, in every store including the Canadian Tire, but we do not get a great 
variety of stuff, not like you do in the States. The place I checked is "the 
nursery" for Greater Toronto for fancy stuff and they did not have anything 
special like you mentioned, but they had some potassium product, not sure if 
it was sulfate in a 2 kg box. Need to look into it again. Then there is the 
problem of the correct dosage. The tomato food is water soluble, it has 
trace elements and the potassium number is very high. Do not know what 
chemical form though. I think it is a Miracle Grow product.
Many times I feel like a poor cousin when I look at the stuff available in 
the States. It is probably the matter of "supply and demand",  roughly 
thirty million of people  spread over the second largest country in the 
world (although at least half of them live in Southern Ontario), as opposed 
to your three hundred millions plus.
Thank you for all your help especially since I am a "tender bulb ignoramus".
Bea in Ontario, zone 5

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