ID Iris seed head
Fri, 15 Mar 2013 20:14:00 PDT
As I used to grow several thousand species and hybrid, I can tell you what  
category if you give me some info. I could not bring up your pictures. 
Describe  height and width of leave, placement of flower pod on stem,descibe 
bloomstalk:  thin,thick, branched,Where the pods at the tip of the bloonstalk 
or pod all  along stem with leaves between each ( kind of like a cornstalk) 
Generally there  are bearded or beardless iris. This is the beard on the fall 
 (hanging down  flower part). Most bearded iris have large almost potato 
like  tubers,wider,fleshy leaves from 4 inches tall to about 36 inches. 
Beardles  ussually have more narrow grass like leaves. They look like they are 
growing  from a wirey cluster . Many look like a clump of grass,narrow thin 
leaves. I  have a BS and MS in Plant Classification. Send me a direct picture 
of the  plant/from many angles as well as the seedpod on the stem,pic of just 
the pod  then send me a pic of the seeds,fairly closeup. Now remember there 
are thousands  of iris hybrids but I can tell you a lot if you get me the 
info. Send the  pics direct to ne Russ H (pbs member) at _jadeboy48@aol.com_ 
(  I am sure I can help a  lot. I used to raise 
almost all the known species. I had about 5 acres of iris  and oher plants just 
around the house. No lawn. The fields and fields of  different hybrids from 
all the groups" Bearded, Siberian , Louisiana, Species,  Aril (desert iris 
from the middle east), Spuria, see it can quie involved. Any  chance there 
was a nametag next to the plant you got the seed  from?  Because of the work 
involved I am only doing this for you. It is really easy to  enter American 
Iris Society websites of info Russ H
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>I  would like to know what type of 

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