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Gene Mirro mirrog@yahoo.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2013 13:35:09 PDT
For notes from Ian Young, myself, and others on germinating them, see http://srgc.net/forum/index.php/… 

For a photo of Erythronium revolutum seedlings growing in the open ground, see http://srgc.net/forum/index.php/…

After sowing, it’s important to give them a couple of weeks of warmth, to imbibe moisture.  Then give them several months of cold (40F).  When they germinate, they need to grow in cool temperatures (less than 60F) for a month or so, or you will lose most of them.  Ian Young soaks the seeds overnight.  I’ve never tried that.  The two weeks of warmth works for me, so I stick with it.

I give them some soluble fertilizer as soon as they germinate.  Don’t expose them to full sun, or let the soil mix get warm.  It’s best to plunge the seedling pot into the garden, or into a much larger pot, to keep the soil temperature fairly stable.
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