watering the sand between pots in a plunge bed

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Fri, 01 Mar 2013 09:55:40 PST
Some Narcissus species tolerate very dry summer conditions as long as 
they are not in above-ground pots, but others are naturally plants of 
sites that have some moisture throughout the year and I don't think 
they should be dried out completely. I recommend  "Narcissus: A guide 
to wild daffodils" by John Blanchard, which discusses the habitats of 
many species. The author is also frank about the difficulty of 
distinguishing some of the species, which makes me feel better when I 
can't really verify some of the names under which I grew my plants.

Many of the Bulbocodium section are in flower here now, as well as 
the earlier ones of sec. Pseudonarcissus and sec. Jonquilla. N. 
obvallaris has come into flower in the garden, growing in turf as it 
typically does in nature.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

At 09:07 AM 3/1/2013, you wrote:
>Thank you Arnold.
>I water my Narcissus boxes more than I water the species in the plunge
>It sounds like it is ok then to just water the pots.
>These are blooming now in the box:
>Construction through blooms:
>- Gastil
>Santa Barbara, California
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