lily germ pics

David Ehrlich
Sat, 16 Mar 2013 15:40:41 PDT

I take my way of distinguishing between epigeal and hypogeal from A. J. Eames -- 
Morphology of the Angiosperms -- opening paragraph in Germination -- "The term 
epigeal is applied to germination where the seed coat is carried up into the 
air, regardless of place where germination begins ...; the term hypogeal, where 
seed coat and cotyledons remain in the soil."  That definition leaves a question 
where the seed coat and the suctorial end of the cotyledon remain underground 
adjacent to the hypocotyl, while the middle of the cotyledon bulges above ground 
and becomes photosynthetic.  That certainly is an in-between state.

Anyway, his definition is not totally satisfactory: in advanced hypogeal 
germination, the cotyledon does not remain underground -- it is the first organ 
above ground, in the form of the coleoptile.

David E.

From: Jim McKenney <>
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Subject: Re: [pbs] lily germ pics

David, if I understand what you have described, I would call what happens in 
your Sisyrinchium epigeal germination. 

Jim McKenney

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