help identifying mystery larvae

David Pilling
Mon, 11 Mar 2013 05:27:14 PDT

Thank you for your replies, which gave me some interesting things to do 
a Google image search for.

To the naked eye these grubs are quite matt, dark brown to black. This 
made me think they were dead, but they moved. The flash on my camera 
gave them a translucent appearance. I have non-flash photos if anyone is 

They don't have appendages, which many of the larvae I looked at on the 
web do.

Having failed to find anything that looks quite like this, yes it would 
have been interesting to seal them in a bag and see what came out (plot 
of horror film). I'm not inclined to retrieve them from my 'green waste 
bin' even for science.

As well as the suggestions above, I also looked on Google for the common 
insects I see around, centipedes, wood lice.

Unlike vine weevil (which is the chief reason I was picking my way 
through pots of lily bulbs) these are not common.

David Pilling

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