Telos Rare Bulbs

Diana Chapman
Sun, 10 Mar 2013 08:59:33 PDT
Dear All:

The web site for 2013 is completed.  There will be additional changes 
throughout the year, but it is mostly done.

Please don't ask me to reserve bulbs.  I don't do this even for regular 
customers, and also, PLEASE .... don't send e-mails asking when a bulb 
will be available.  I have listed some bulbs as 'not available yet' 
meaning they are in the works but I don't know when I will decide they 
are mature enough to list.  I am totally swamped with e-mails like this, 
and I am just one person with greenhouses full of bulbs to take care 
of.  I can't spend my day answering these kind of e-mails.  I list such 
bulbs now because it is easier for me, as far as reformatting a page is 
concerned, to put them in now and just add a price later.  Otherwise I 
am stuck with reformatting an entire page when I decide to list them, 
which will probably occur when I am at my busiest.  I am not trying to 
lure people on to the web site (I have been accused of this!).

Thank you for your patience.

Best regard,


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