Identifying Narcissus species

aaron floden
Thu, 21 Mar 2013 17:14:14 PDT
This book is available for free online. If you search for the title and authors name its on the second page on google. The species overview is about as helpful as Blanchards book.

 Like Nhu, I find it hard to believe that there is not yet a monograph for Narcissus.


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I over-simplified my description of p.3-47 in Chapter 3 'Classification of Narcissus' by Brian Mathew in the book 'Narcussus and Daffodil: The genus Narcissus' Ed. Gordon R. Hanks, 2002.

Certainly it is not a complete "monograph" but it does give one-sentence descriptions of species and varieties of those species. It is not just to section level. It does give one to a few paragraphs describing each section. 

To give an idea, on page 37 for N. longispathus, in Group B of Section Pseudonarcissus, 

"N. longispathus Pugsley. Tall with up to three usually wholly yellow flowers per umbel; spathes very conspicuous, to 10 cm long. South-eastern Spain."

I was just saying that is just one small chapter of a book, with few photos. 

- Gastil

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