Identifying Narcissus species

Jane McGary
Thu, 21 Mar 2013 11:06:27 PDT

Thank you for the offer, but someone else looked at a copy of the 
book in her univ. library and told me the chapter is descriptive only 
to the section level, whereas what I was hoping for was species descriptions.

I'm resigned to being able to identify firmly only the more 
distinctive species within sections, and to regarding the less 
distinctive ones more or less as continua within a section. This 
doesn't trouble me much because I'm not selling bulbs any more -- 
just enjoying the plants. As for sending seed to exchanges, I don't 
suppose I would misname them any worse than anyone else does, but I 
wish there were a consistent way of warning those who order seeds 
that Narcissus hybridizes madly in cultivation, especially in an 
extremely diverse collection such as I grow. We can do this in the 
PBS exchange, but I wonder how many people grow hybrids and then send 
the seed out under species names. I know I was guilty of that when I 
started out, but now I hesitate to donate seed in genera where 
hybridization is relatively frequent.

best regards,
Jane McGary

At 10:33 AM 3/21/2013, you wrote:
>If you can wait a couple of weeks for the information, I have already
>ordered a discounted copy of the hardback edition of this book.  Once it
>arrives, I would be happy to assist you in getting the information you
>requested.  I hope this helps.
>Joseph Meler
>Los Angeles, CA

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