what's blooming week of 3/11/2013

John Wickham jwickham@sbcglobal.net
Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:04:01 PDT
Down here in Los Angeles, I've got nearly everything in bloom it seems.

-- Gladiolus alatus
-- Gladiolus lilaceous
-- Gladiolus cunonius
-- Gladiolus griseus
-- Sparaxis elegans
-- Sparaxis pillansi (two years from seed)
-- Ferraria crispa
-- Moraea atropunctata
-- Several Babiana
-- Hesperantha vaginata
-- Many Lachenalia
-- Romulea elegans and others
-- Several Oxalis
-- Several Freesia

Its a little overwhelming. Stuff is popping everywhere and I can't keep up. At least the California natives are waiting, though Allium haematochiton is blooming.

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Hi bulb lovers,

Spring is here in coastal northern California. The South African plants are
starting to really pick up and have been putting on a show for the last few

We start with Geissorhiza radians, always a lovely thing to behold. These
were grown from Silverhill seeds.

Lewisia brachycalyx is doing much better this year. It will be a number of
years before it gets large enough to produce a nice and large ring of
flowers like you see searching for this species on the web. This was grown
from Ron Radko seeds.

Tropaeolum tricolor is fr me the easiest of the Chilean tropaeolums. It
comes back every year and the tubers even multiply a little. Some rotted
last year but one of these days I will build up enough stock to have a
gigantic show. Or...I could spend some money at Telos Rare Bulbs, which is
where this tuber first came from.

Hesperantha bachmanii can be brought to flowering in the second year from
seeds. Build up enough corms for a lovely show. They open in the evening
and has the fragrance of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa). I can't grow
tuberose because it's too cold here, but this makes a lovely substitute.

Gladiolus quadrangularis, also came from Silverhill seeds some years ago. A
small but pretty plant.

What's blooming in YOUR garden? Share with us!

Berkeley, CA

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