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Tue, 05 Mar 2013 17:40:51 PST
I didn't really like the article my self. In my opinion it portrays a lack of healthy gardening knowledge & could portray the wrong message to those wishing to have regenerative gardens..... It is by no means necessary to spray most healthy vegetable seeding heads prior to harvest if the plants are healthy to start with... So I think the comments on this subject were a personal opinion that may not be supported by scientific evidence..
Then there is genetic modification, well that's a high powered issue, the question is "what level of modification is tolerable to most people?" I prefer natural everything but there is good cause to explore GM potential.. Hypothetically speaking, we are seeing dramatic environmental changes at more frequent intervals & perhaps if there was a change that wiped out tomatoes or belladonna lilies, wouldn't it be nice to think we have the technology to ensure the survival of a species or even for implications for something like the only 26 Wollami pines left in the wild, the progeny from this species left over from the ice ages is venerable to root rot & have given disappointing results as a commercial species which could ensure it's survival, so it would be good to think we could modify & save a species that was exterminated by a celestial catastrophe.... But when it comes GM for commercial gain, I think it is not a good thing because it's abused..

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>> this is an interesting article about what to consider when choosing a seed vendor...
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