hand-pollenating Moraea with a Q-tip and a botanical latin

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Tue, 26 Mar 2013 22:07:37 PDT
I have found that for me small artist's paint brushes are great to move  
pollen. If you reuse the same brush, also kill any old pollen by a quick dip 
in  alcohol. Let the brushes dry completely in the sun so there is no alcohol 
smell  on the brush. Buy a bunch of a cheaper but soft brands so you always 
have a  brush ready to collect pollen. I hope this helps because it is a 
very useful  skill to either make more of the same plant or new hybrids. Russ 
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That is really awesome! I tried to pollinate Moraea  aristata before but not
knowing what to do, they didn't produce any seeds.  I have just pollinated
my M. aristata now so hopefully there will be seeds  in a few months. Are
moraeas self-fertile?

Also, you should put  those great diagrams on the wiki :)


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> If  anyone wants more details, I posted some instructions and images  
>  s.html
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