Germinating Gladiolus

Michael Mace
Sat, 04 May 2013 11:02:54 PDT
Dave wrote:

> I'm not certain as to how important this chilling really is

Dave, I can't remember where you're located. The advice will change
depending on your climate.

If you live in a Mediterranean climate region, you can just put the
winter-growing ones in pots outdoors and water them regularly starting in
the fall. What they seem to need is steady moisture (not waterlogged), good
drainage, plus a good swing between nighttime and daytime temperature.
Expect germination in 6-8 weeks, and you'll get bloom in 2-3 years.

They will be hardy to light frost, but protect from temps below 20F (-6C).
Also protect against extended times (more than overnight) below freezing.
Don't let the pot freeze.

In other areas, you'll need to create conditions similar to their natural

Beyond that, I would second everything everybody else said.

The species Glads are wonderful, in my opinion. So much more delicate (and
yet tough!) than the overbred thrip-magnet top-heavy hybrids you get in the
garden centers. Not that I have strong feelings on the subject.

San Jose, CA

PS: Eugene, your advice on G. cardinalis is great! Thanks for sharing.

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